The beach chair I am is having a Beach Chairs Creative Challenge where you choose a chair that describes you, and make something creative out of it. Though I’m not all that creative, and since I do like weird stuff (the chair I am?!), and because I needed a subject for my next blog post, I decided to give it a try.

To warm myself up, I went to the chairs categories and started communicating with the chair within me. I tried communicating with it for about 15 awkward minutes.  It was actually an interesting exercise, bonding with an object.

The process:
sailors beach chairFirst I examined the chairs by color. The sailor striped chairs made me feel comfortable, but they were all short and wide.

Floating beach chairThen I looked at the loungers, which are longer. Most of them were kind of soft and puffy or filled with holes. I don’t think of myself this way… I did like the floating lounge chair, but I felt more connected to that gal and the happy margarita.

After color and shape had failed me, I thought I might be the most expansive chair available, right? Well that turned to be a weird looking beach wheelchair that looked kind of robotic to me.

Finally, I’ve decided to add my own contribution to this summer’s collection. I present to you – the chair I am:

Height: Just about the average.
Width: thin.
Height/length/width packed: Same as unpacked.
Products weight: irrelevant!
Height of ground: the right height.
Reclining positions: many. I’m so good at seating lazy.
Frame materials: plain wood.
Cup holder: You’ll hold it.
Fabric: LACE!
Max load: much.
Folds flat: totally.
Pockets: don’t like ’em. Though very useful, pockets make you fat.
BackPack: never.
Water resistant: On the contrary. Let say when on the beach I’ll spend 70% on time in the water.
Overall: 3 stars – ok I guess.


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