The beach chair I am is having a Beach Chairs Creative Challenge where you choose a chair that describes you, and make something creative out of it. Though I’m not all that creative, and since I do like weird stuff (the chair I am?!), and because I needed a subject for my next blog post, I decided to give it a try.

To warm myself up, I went to the chairs categories and started communicating with the chair within me. I tried communicating with it for about 15 awkward minutes.  It was actually an interesting exercise, bonding with an object.

The process:
sailors beach chairFirst I examined the chairs by color. The sailor striped chairs made me feel comfortable, but they were all short and wide.

Floating beach chairThen I looked at the loungers, which are longer. Most of them were kind of soft and puffy or filled with holes. I don’t think of myself this way… I did like the floating lounge chair, but I felt more connected to that gal and the happy margarita.

After color and shape had failed me, I thought I might be the most expansive chair available, right? Well that turned to be a weird looking beach wheelchair that looked kind of robotic to me.

Finally, I’ve decided to add my own contribution to this summer’s collection. I present to you – the chair I am:

Height: Just about the average.
Width: thin.
Height/length/width packed: Same as unpacked.
Products weight: irrelevant!
Height of ground: the right height.
Reclining positions: many. I’m so good at seating lazy.
Frame materials: plain wood.
Cup holder: You’ll hold it.
Fabric: LACE!
Max load: much.
Folds flat: totally.
Pockets: don’t like ’em. Though very useful, pockets make you fat.
BackPack: never.
Water resistant: On the contrary. Let say when on the beach I’ll spend 70% on time in the water.
Overall: 3 stars – ok I guess.


Lace lamp cover tutorial I loved

I was shopping for some stuff I don’t need, and then I saw something I definitely need! A lacy lamp cover! I love lace and anything that has something to do with it.Surprisingly though, they didn’t have it in black.

Not a problem, this can be even for the best – I came back home, and googled “lace lamp cover tutorial” and there it was, “Lace lamp/Doiliy Lamp – DIY | Dos Familly” a great tutorial for making . How do I know this toturial is great? First, it has more than 500 comments and pingbacks. Second, I read it and now I understand exactly how to do it.

This is the link for you to enjoy also.

I will upload mine when I’m done. You can send me photos of yours (if you’re going to make one), or a link to a post where they are. I would love to have a small lacy lamp covers gallery here!

Maru the fat cat

I love cats. They make me laugh so good. I don’t have a cat of my own, but I will have one day, when I’ll get myself a nice place with a yard. I don’t think any animal should be kept indoors all the time.

I just recently got to know Maru – the funniest fat Japanese cat.

The sadest story I heard this year

This is a story of a baby, that from birth knew only growing pain, and the story of his mother who did anything she could to make him the health and happy baby she saw deep within him.

This is the story  of Tripp, the baby who was born with a disease called “Epidermolysis Bullosa“.

The images are VERY hard to watch, so I didn’t put any here. If you are interested in the full story of an unconditional mother’s love, please go to Debra’s blog.